Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Here's to a New You!

The start of new year.  A chance to start one thing and end another.  A time to make promises to yourself and break others.  A time for reflection on the year before as you look toward the year ahead. 

I've always considered my new year as beginning on my birthday.  I do that because I think I'm special and different from everyone else.  I'm kidding.  I've done that because I've always felt a connection with my birthday as being the start to my new year.  This year seems different.  I'm feeling a little je ne sais pas?  

I'm going to write and post something every day on this blog for the next 365 days.  Do you think I can do it?  Apparently I think I can.  I love blogs, crazy about them.  I wonder how I ever lived without them.  I love the stories and the never ending creativity.  They honestly brighten my day.

So I'm setting out today, January 1, 2013 on a journey to write every day on this blog.  So often I don't write or post out of fear that it's not good enough. Well, I'm choosing to confront that fear, to be imperfect and to just be myself. A journey I hope that will teach me something about consistency, commitment and showing up.  A journey out of my comfort zone and into the land of possible and probable imperfection. 

Happy New Year!

Nicole B.


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