Friday, November 21, 2014

Can Women Have it All?


I've been busy around here, trying to finish up projects, run after my two and half year old and grow a new baby in my belly!  The baby in my belly and the very busy two year old have kept me so pre-occupied I feel like I barely have time to breath.

I was excited to attend a local meeting put on by the women of H-ROC.  It's a local non-partisan political action group that formed in the last two years to get more women to become leaders in politics.  How cool is that?  The topic of the meeting I attended was "Can Women Have it All?".

We first discussed what that even means, to "have it all".  For instance, I noticed that I live under the idea that I must have the kids, husband, house, job and stuff AND, by the way, everyone should be happy!  Yikes!  What a momentous idea that sets me up for failure.  I thoroughly enjoyed hearing from women who are working and enjoying their children and families. (Keep it simple)  But the most important thing I heard was that we have to stick together.  Too often women compete against each other when it should be the exact opposite, we should be working together to help each other become successful.  I can think of a few women in my life that I want to support, maybe help watch their kids, encourage their dreams, be positive and never critical or sarcastic.  One thing I know to be true is when I can be of service to others, it is me that gets the reward.

How about you, what do you do to support the women in your life?