Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Jewelry Organization

I thought I would share my corner of our bedroom today.  I got all girly with it. 
I finally organized all of my costume jewelry using only vintage decorative accessories.  I love for my jewelry to be out on display.  I realize not everyone does, especially if you own valuable jewelry, in that case, go ahead and tuck it away! Mine is all for fun, and sadly since I became pregnant and started toting around a little guy, I never remember to put it on.  This was making me feel a little blue.  As if the rain, bone chilling cold and current layer of "fog" isn't already helping with that, I had to go and forget to put on my fun accessories. Boo hoo!  

My Solution:  Store colorful bangles in a vintage fabric covered tray, I believe originally used for lingerie.  (Correct me if I am wrong.)  The fabric tray fit quite perfectly on this little gold shelf from the 1950's.  Anytime you see a cute gold shelf, pick it up.  There are a million uses for those guys.
Next, hang chunky necklaces and floppy bracelets on vintage curtain tie backs, hung vertically.  I found these two at a local vintage shop that has a lot of cottage stuff.  They were the sort of thing you see, don't have any idea what you'll do with and buy them anyway.  I have seen similar ones used in entry ways to hold coats. 
Then, add something soft.  The paper fans were decorations at our wedding and I purchased them from BHLDN, Anthropologie's online wedding shop.  Our wedding was almost two years ago , but you can buy these pretty pink paper fans now.

Finish it off with a vintage jewelry box. I was lucky enough to be given this one by my mother-in-law.  I very much like that I can hang my earrings from the top and then close it up easily if I want to. Plus it has this kitschy sort of sixties thing going on with the gold and faux silk interior. And it reminds me of this...
As a little kid I used to visit my great-grandmother and play hours of dress up with her vintage clothes and jewelry. I will never forget that she had this huge white jewelry box.  Every drawer and spot inside had some fun jewelry in it.  I dreamed of owning it one day.  As if owning it meant I had arrived into some sort of status as a real woman.  When the day came to divide up grandma's things I was denied the beautiful white jewelry box and everything in it.   Instead, Grandma Kay gave me her amazing Danish dishes.  In mint condition, they are a rare set of blue and white Danish china.  These do more to remind me of my heritage and my great-grandmother who used to serve me tea and treat me like a lady, than that glorious white box ever would.  And BONUS I have my very own gold box that my cousin's daughter enjoys playing with and that is enough for me.

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  1. So cute! I am going to look for some of those vintage lingerie boxes - perfect.