Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Vintage Shopping

Sunday vintage shopping is a favorite for my mom and I to do together.  I give her total credit for raising me to love and appreciate vintage.  She would drag me as a kid to the flea markets of LA and various antique shops.  She'd drag, but I'd always end up with something cool.  When we lived in south Florida it was trips to places like Deco Don's where pink flamingos and rattan furniture were a serious business.  We were collecting more than decor, we were collecting things with value.  One of a kind finds with a soul.  So while a lot has changed since the late 80's in South Florida, one thing hasn't and that is our love of Sunday vintage shopping. 

I heard about this new vintage shop in Sellwood called Vintage Design Collective through Emily Henderson on Twitter of all places.  Sellwood is a small neighborhood in Portland that is packed with families and vintage shops.  It's a great place to take a walk on a warm day and an even better place to grab a coffee and browse through some junk on a rainy day.  Please note, I lovingly refer to vintage stuff as junk.  My husband looks at a piece I want to buy and says, "But it has some scratches on it", I say that's because it's vintage.  It's been used and someone else probably thought it was junk and decided to get rid of it.  Now we are going to take it and love it, thereby making it special again. 

The store is located inside of an old theatre.  That's the first thing that's really cool about this place.  Then there are the antique rugs hanging from the ceiling. Number two thing that's really cool.  And finally, they have a variety of good vendors, open space, lots of natural light and a general good vibe.  Please go there and rescue this currently sad looking brass chandelier, spray paint it red and put some round bulbs on it. STATEMENT PIECE!!! By the way, I just sang those last two words.

Are you dying over these teal and green French chairs? Somebody please buy them. I'm crushing on them something awful. 
A little modern handmade in the mix...two thumbs up!

I wanted to tell you about these alabaster pedestal bowls. I keep one in my bathtub with soap in it. It is hands down the most beautiful thing in my bathroom, I feel so fancy when I go to reach for my bar of soap and who doesn't deserve a little fancy in their life?
This vendor was adorable.  From her glasses down to her little red shoes.  She has amazing little treasures and I love her organization.  I ended up buying a little something for my mom-in-law as well as a letter for Hank's letter wall.  
So rush down to the Vintage Design Collective and pick up your treasure. 
You are sure to find one.

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