Thursday, January 17, 2013

Vintage Tall Boys Turned Pencil Holder

A few years ago I saw this idea in a magazine, fell in love with it and had so much fun putting it together.  It's such a simple idea, take an old drink glass carrier of your choosing, add vintage glasses and voila! A great place to house all of your pens, pencils, scissors and what not in one easy to grab place. 


I happened across this pink glass carrier with the black ball feet.  I have a crush on pink and black. You know why? Growing up we would go and visit my mom's aunt Joan in San Jose.  She was a thin gangly woman who smoked like a chimney, and had THE best laugh around.   A sort of contagious, infectious laugh.  Her house was an assortment of kitschy 50's, 60's and 70's.  Permanently burned in my brain are her avocado green kitchen cabinets with floral decal stickers and the big bowl of candy that sat out on her kitchen table, all year round.   Fake flowers adorned her lawn and a lava lamp, a young girl on a pillar oil lamp as well as shag carpet resided in her living room.  But the best part was the pink and black bathroom.  Every little detail in that bathroom was pink or it was black.  Pink tub, pink toilet, floral decals in the tub, black shag throw carpets, black and pink accessories that would make any grown-up spontaneously vomit in their mouth.  She had it and it lived in that bathroom.  But I digress.

While that bathroom no longer technically exists, it does in my brain and now in yours. If you are a pencil loving hoarder such as myself I highly recommend this delightful new use of an old drink carrier. You won't be disappointed and neither will any young artist that stops by and wants to draw.


  1. Love your blog stories, Nicole, and continue to be amazed at your gift for writing them~!!!! XOXOXO