Friday, January 18, 2013

Winter Sunshine

Hank and I went for an afternoon stroll in the winter sunshine today.  It was absolutely frigid, the air made my cheeks feel like they were cracking, but the sun was out and the clouds were gone.  The trees were naked and the perennials just stubs.  There were things I'd never seen before jumping out at me, like hidden benches and secret pathways usually covered in shrubs. 
Hank sat back observing looking almost bored when suddenly, with no warning, he yells out to the trees.  "Ahhhh!"  His voice carried so far that it made him sit up, take notice and bounce from the joy of it.  The rest of the way home Hank bounced and laughed.
That's Hank, finding joy in the smallest of things.  I think I'm gonna bounce and laugh next time I'm feeling bored or blue.  Laugh about nothing because I can.  And bounce.  Because joy is inside of us.  We need only create it.  And bounce.  Bounce, bounce, bounce... 

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