Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 Wall Calendars

One of the suggestions I read recently about planning for your business was to post a calendar for the entire year. This way you can see the year and what is ahead of you. It's something I've never done before and I thought it would be a chance to get pen and paper out and be creative. I will not post photos of what turned out.

So I turned to the creative geniuses on Etsy. The graphic designers and illustrators that are experts at that sort of thing. And I have to say my mind was blown at all of the cool stuff I found. I am bringing you my favorites. Sort of a mod, mid-century and quirky bunch. I literally can't decide which one I want posted on my board. Maybe you could help me are the contenders...
These birds are fantastic! They just make me giggle.  Brought to you by Modern Pop on Etsy.
Find them here.

This abstract calendar by Hello Maupoo on Etsy is so unique.  I quite fancy the use of negative and positive space with bright pink and neon yellow.  Find it here.

This calendar by Simply Paperie is one of the most traditional layouts, but it feels fresh to me.  I like that I can see all the days with spaces to write on.  This way I can make notes, love making notes!  Find this one here.

Simply Paperie made it on my list twice!  I couldn't pass up chevrons.  I know I am a bit behind on this trend, but oh I don't care.  I'm crazy for the chevrons!  This one is great because I can write notes it too.  Find it here.

Inspirational quotes make this one a great idea.  Brought to you by Monkey Mind Design. Buy it here.

Definitely favor this semi-abstract calendar by Dozi.  Find it here.

What's that you say?  It is a luggage tag calendar! So stink'n cute!  Seems a bit small for my needs, but it is so original, colorful and vintage.  Brought to you by Girl In Gear Studio on Etsy.  Find it here.

Totally fun retro!  Made by Draft Horse Design.  Find it here.

This one makes my list because it's simple.  User friendly and right to the point.  No silly illustrations, no fuss.  Designed by LA Shepherd on Etsy.  Find it here.


  1. I'd go for the birds .... they'lll not get boring in a year~!!!

  2. I agree! They are fantastic and very funny! Bird's it is!