Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Vintage Lunch Tray Get Together

Let's do a get together of vintage lunch trays from Etsy.  These are a great way to organize small things like paper clips, push pins, pencils and post it notes.  If you were to organize your desk drawer with one,  there could be a slap of color and a pop of wow as you searched for those boring, oh so useful, paperclips.  Better yet, leave it out on your desk, be like my husband, easy to find, easy to grab.  While doing this, you'll be a little bit less stressed and a tiny bit cooler.  Oh you!

Check out these vintage Yellow serving trays from Amelia Bedelia Vintage.

And these incredible red and turquoise trays from Arks Endeavor.

Better yet, go for the industrial look and pick up some aluminum ones over at The Relic Trail.

My new favorite color, a true mid century classic, turquoise.  Brought to you by Lare Furbish

Finally, this structured US Military mess tray is a must have for the truely organized in you. Shop Via Olivia now.


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