Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bright Colors, Found Ojects and Favorite Things

Organize a focal wall or entry space with a collection of objects and paint it a bright color.  Think of the design in three pieces. The main piece is the console table, here I used a vintage hairpin leg table. The second piece is the space above the console table, the wall space, which I filled with my growing collection of black and white photos, some are old and some are new.  The third piece is the space underneath the console, ottomans are the best for this space as they are both decorative and useful.  I can pull the ottomans out and use them anywhere around the room. 

 I gathered up similar objects from around my house. Glass, coral and succulents make up the majority of items. I tried for mostly green objects as a contrast to the teal wall, but ended up with one large teal statement piece as well. Black acts as the neutral that brings it all together.     
The middle photos are some of my favorites. They are original photographs of my grandfather posing with models for an eye glass marketing campaign. He was an actual salesman in the company and someone whom I never got to meet.  Since I am using a mix of old and new frames the trick is striking the right balance. The Goodwill or other thrift stores is a great place to get old frames. Look for frames with clean lines and a little texture. Stay away from anything ornate or decorative as that can look messy and be distracting.
There is so much industrial vintage out there. Start mixing it in. I love these old frogs in a rustic green metal. And a stack of design books with a lamp on top, gave me that little bit of height that I needed.
  So take your boring entry way with it's coat racks, key holders and safe wall color and give it a little pizazz.  Steal objects from other parts of your home and combine them in a different way to make them new again.  Think bright colors, found objects and favorite things.  You'll be greeted with something both lovely and functional.  

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