Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Organizing for Two

When I set out to organize my husband it came with many, many, many changes along the way.  He wants everything out in the open, easy to grab and easy to see.  I am the complete opposite.  I want everything put away that isn't pretty to look at.  I love to stuff things in drawers, closets and our basement!  Do you have a basement? They are awesome!

 Below you'll find the ways we conquered this design organization dilemma so that we are both happy. 

First, I used a nightstand as the end table between the sofa and the man chair.  This one was perfect because it has a drawer and a shelf.  The shelf holds his computer when it's not in use and it's easy for him to grab when he sits down to watch TV.

The drawer is perfect for all the nick knacks this man has.  Cords to this device and that.  A USB storage device, pens, notepads, matches, you name it it's in there.

The magazine holder, a fantastic find from Target that holds books, magazines and papers he is currently reading.

The fun colorful tray from West Elm holds all FOUR remotes that are essential to a happy man and his television. It also holds a box of tissue (another requirement) and a pretty vase (that's for me).  I've yet to get the white lacquer tissue box so I left it out completely. I want one like this
West Elm carries the best lacquer trays, my favorite size are the square ones.  Check them out here.

So there you have it.  Remotes, magazines, papers, books, computer and miscellaneous stuff all contained AND easy to grab.  No easy feat.  The beautiful part is that when you slide the chair over, you can't see the shelf or the magazine holder. And that my friends, makes for a happy wife.

Do you and your partner have any design disagreements?


  1. Nicole, My husband and I bought the house you are living in 1981. One of your neighbors sent me your blog. I love seeing how the house has changed. We had wandered through before you bought it and the yard was so sad, (I love yard work) and I can see that you have done a lot to the front. We loved this little quaint house and I am happy to see so do you. We also remodeled the kitchen and bathroom and left a time capsule, not sure if anyone has found it. Love that the carpet has been removed too. We used to host all family dinners and also put our table in the living room! I will enjoy following your blog. Cyndy Lail

    1. Cyndy,
      This is so exciting! Thank you for all of your compliments. We love our house, thank you for loving it too. We have not found a time capsule, but I'm looking forward to it now! Unless the person we bought the house from found it. I hope not. We bought it from someone who fixed it up just to sell. He/they did a good job. You don't know how much your post means to me. Thank you so much! If you are ever in the neighborhood feel free to stop by. I'd love to meet you!