Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Gold Leaf Mirror

I was on Craigslist a few weeks ago searching for a dresser for a client's guest room when I stumbled upon these large painted black mirrors.  A matching set of mirrors was exactly what I had been wanting for our bedroom.  You know, the Mint + Gold bedroom that I keep talking about.

The Craigslist Photo...
They were in terrible shape.  The frames weren't attached to the mirrors and there was paint and icky stuff all over them.  Two holes were apparent on the front of the frames too, all of this almost made me run.  But I realized that this was nothing this crafty gal couldn't fix. 
 I remembered a blog post by my DIY guru over at Little Green Notebook for applying gold leaf to a picture frame.  So I used that to get me up and running.  Check out that post here.
I picked up these supplies at my local craft store:
(2) Packs of 25 Gold Leaf sheets
(1) Pack of misc. brushes
(1) Gold Leaf Adhesive
(1) Gold Leaf Sealer

Quick Overview:
Step 1.  Clean the surface you are going to apply gold leaf to.  IMPORTANT! If you have an old surface with lots of paint layers be sure to use a paint remover and take them off.  If not, you will have a lot of problems with the product adhering to the surface.  Fill in any random holes with wood filler. Sand and make sure the surface is dirt free. Mirrors are really easy to clean up with a little razor blade. I was able to get all of the paint and Lord knows what else off of these guys with a tiny little razor blade.
Step 2.  Use the smaller blue handle brush above and apply the adhesive to the whole frame all at once.  Allow to dry for 5 minutes.
Step 3.  Start to apply the gold leaf sheets to the large flat surfaces while allowing the leaf to fall into the nooks and crannies.  Use the black sponge brush to gently push away the excess gold leaf.  Be sure to overlap the gold leaf so you don't end up with strange lines.
Step 4.  Do any needed touch ups.  I had to do a lot.  I just applied more glue where needed, let dry and added more gold leaf.
Step 5. Dust off all excess gold leaf with black sponge brush.
Step 6.  Clean off blue handle brush and use to apply the sealer to all of the gold leaf.  Allow to dry for at least 20 minutes. 

A close up of the mirror, you can see my little imperfections. This was not an easy project.
The backside of the mirror with the hardware that was used to attach the mirror to the frame.

Finally, I had to go into Michael's for help with this frame as the mirror was not attached to the frame and there is a large space in between the two.  $25 dollars later I learned that I could have just gone to a hardware store and picked up these brackets myself.  It needed those metal brackets screwed into the frame.  That was the only thing that would hold it in place.  I added the wire, used a 50lb nail and hook and up they both went. 

Happy Crafting!
Nicole B.

Changing the Finish on Hardware

What happens when you have the right style, the right price, the availability, but the wrong finish?  You change it. It's so simple, I just had to share.  

Photo from Home Depot
The actual hardware I used is from Home Depot, you can find it here
Let's get started by sanding the smooth finish so it's a little rough.  Here is the sanding tool I used.

Next up, lay your hardware down on piece of clean cardboard.  This is actually an important step, a clean surface is key.   As is a can of  Rustoleum  spray paint.  It's my favorite brand, it works the best and I can always find just the right color.  I was a little nervous about this color, but there was no need to be.

Look at how fantastic it turned out!  Even better in person and soon I will show you the finished look all pulled together. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Taking a Trip Around The World?

Things have been very busy around here, it has been project on top of project.  I am loving it.  Nothing makes me happier than to pull together something I have been designing in my head.  This week I will be sharing with you a pair of mirrors that I gilded, changing simple pulls from pewter to gold (it's easier than I thought), using oil based paint (holy cow! so different from latex paint) and I think I'm going to make all my pillows from now on using the envelope method (why haven't I done this before?). 
The above bookshelf is one of my favorite pieces in our house.  Mostly because I can do so many different things with it.  I found that big globe on top on our trip to Lincoln City.  I found it at the local Goodwill.  I can't believe how many silly comments I received while I was walking around with it.  I found some vintage post cards and I put them in little Ikea frames.  Such a simple and cheap way to have some fun art.  Then to keep things clean and modern, I stacked the books and added a mini vintage globe and coral.  Finally, I picked up that white yarn hippopotamus at Target.  All done!  Now, I have a new look for my favorite piece of furniture and a design element that I enjoy seeing every day.  See how easy that is?
Happy Decorating!
Nicole B.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Christine Taylor: Style Me Vintage

Hello! My name is Christine, and it is a pleasure to meet you. I am excited to be here on my good friend Nicole's blog. Nicole and I both share an affinity for vintage home decor and clothing, and it just so happens that I own a vintage clothing shop in downtown Portland, Oregon called Living Threads Vintage.  I will be doing a weekly guest post covering all things related to incorporating vintage into your wardrobe - it's much easier than you think, and I guarantee it to be fun.

I started wearing vintage clothing in the beginning of high school, when my mom let me dig into her saved garments from the 60's and 70's. Platform sandals? Bell bottoms? Leopard print lurex pants suits? Yes, my mother saved these things and yes, I wore them proudly as a teen. Rest assured, however, that along the years my wardrobe has tamed. 
While I still love a good 70's piece, what you will find me focusing on here is a blending of "classic" vintage garments and easy to find modern essentials. Similar to home decor, a good outfit (like a good room!) is often made by the extra little details.... so watch for lots of accessories too. 
Thank you, Nicole for inviting me to be a part of your blog! I will see you again next week!
Content by Christine Taylor
All photos by Christine and Travis Taylor

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Introducing Christine Taylor

I'd like to introduce you to the life and style of Christine Taylor.   A fellow vintage lover and collector, I have the privilege of calling her a friend and beginning tomorrow, the honor of having her as a weekly contributor here on Nicole B Vintage.  Christine is the co-owner of a fabulous vintage clothing shop called Living Threads Vintage in downtown Portland. 

When I first met Christine she waltzed into the vintage shop I was working at with her signature red hair and statement jewelry (that I couldn't take my eyes off of) and blew me away with her kindness and charm.  Christine's style is effortless, collected and original.  I am so thrilled that she is going to share that here with us. 


This is a tiny peak into her pre-war apartment that she shares with her uber talented husband and business partner, Travis.  Original works of art abound in their stylish apartment.  I just love the way Christine pulls it all together.  Their bedroom is a mix of oranges, reds and black, yet it is so light and airy. 

Christine's bucket o' bangles kept in her mid-century glass collection. 

Christine has an amazing two drawer vintage jewelry box set aside her collection of vintage purses. The kimono is purposely hung on the back of the door, as art.  Do you notice how your eye goes from the red in the art, down to the red in that amazing rug then up to the red in the kimono sleeve and back around again?

A vintage purse that Travis brought home for Christine from a recent trip to Wyoming.  The detail in this purse is stunning.  And can we just talk about how lucky she is that her husband can just pick up something like that for her?

Christine's stylish collection of jewelry contains pieces like a Victorian red coral pin (bottom photo), a lion door knocker necklace (photo above)and a Victorian bog oak pin (photo below).

And if she ever gets sick of that stunning blue and gold ring peaking out of the back up there, I'd gladly take it off her hands. 
What do you think?  Pretty special huh?  I think so. I can't wait for what Christine will inspire us to do with our vintage modern wardrobes.   
Thanks to Christine for agreeing to share your talents with us here at Nicole B Vintage.  Don't forget to check her out online at her Etsy shop and in her downtown shop located at 1008 SW Taylor.  Across from the library. 
Until tomorrow.... 




Friday, April 5, 2013

Modern Gold Curtain Rods

When I decided to paint our bedroom mint, the idea was to combine it with gold.  Mint plus Gold is so fresh.  We painted our room and then I ran straight into a design dilemma.  There were no modern curtain rods that came in gold.  So I purchased some curtain rods in a sort of  light silver thinking I wouldn't notice the difference.  (I'm laughing at myself right now.) They drove me crazy how wrong they were.  Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. 

I took down the rods and sprayed them white.  Problem solved?   Nope.  I used Krylon spray paint and the paint just scraped off the minute I put the rods together.  Feeling very very discouraged.  I decided to pause.  I knew I needed a brake from the project. 

It has been months living with my DIY project gone wrong.  When what to my wondering eyes should appear, the new West Elm catalog with MODERN GOLD CURTAIN RODS

Oversize Adjustable Metal Rod
Oh Thank You West Elm! Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

New Mid Century Items Just In

I've added some new items to the shop! 


First up...this fantastic mid century modern butter dish.  It's got clean lines and wood handles.  The most sleek butter dish you will ever own.

And because I love a small dish to toss this or that on...this starburst mid century modern dish will do just the trick.   Use it as a catch all for your jewelry, your business cards or perhaps your keys.
Finally a pop of color for your mid century modern home...a tall drink of...deep teal glass to accessorize your home with.  
Click on the words to check out the items or go to my etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/nicolebvintage