Friday, April 5, 2013

Modern Gold Curtain Rods

When I decided to paint our bedroom mint, the idea was to combine it with gold.  Mint plus Gold is so fresh.  We painted our room and then I ran straight into a design dilemma.  There were no modern curtain rods that came in gold.  So I purchased some curtain rods in a sort of  light silver thinking I wouldn't notice the difference.  (I'm laughing at myself right now.) They drove me crazy how wrong they were.  Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. 

I took down the rods and sprayed them white.  Problem solved?   Nope.  I used Krylon spray paint and the paint just scraped off the minute I put the rods together.  Feeling very very discouraged.  I decided to pause.  I knew I needed a brake from the project. 

It has been months living with my DIY project gone wrong.  When what to my wondering eyes should appear, the new West Elm catalog with MODERN GOLD CURTAIN RODS

Oversize Adjustable Metal Rod
Oh Thank You West Elm! Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

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