Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Changing the Finish on Hardware

What happens when you have the right style, the right price, the availability, but the wrong finish?  You change it. It's so simple, I just had to share.  

Photo from Home Depot
The actual hardware I used is from Home Depot, you can find it here
Let's get started by sanding the smooth finish so it's a little rough.  Here is the sanding tool I used.

Next up, lay your hardware down on piece of clean cardboard.  This is actually an important step, a clean surface is key.   As is a can of  Rustoleum  spray paint.  It's my favorite brand, it works the best and I can always find just the right color.  I was a little nervous about this color, but there was no need to be.

Look at how fantastic it turned out!  Even better in person and soon I will show you the finished look all pulled together. 

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