Friday, February 1, 2013

Vintage Polka Dot Dress Becomes a Room

I decided to put together a room inspired by this vintage dress from Living Threads Vintage...
Photograph and dress from Living Threads Vintage

I love this dress so much I thought why not create the interior of a room based on this dress? My imaginary room is a fun place, a part of a nursery or a kid's play room. The piece that really got the ball rolling on this one was the large letter A.  Doesn't it look like it has polka dots all over it?


A good rule of thumb is to start a room with the three largest elements.  In a living space this is typically the sofa and the area rug.  All the other elements or pieces of the room are layers on top of that.  Remember, the largest item of furniture in the room should be the first thing you see when you walk into the room.

I imagine this letter A marquee to be sitting on top of an architectural feature such as a fireplace.  My sofa is sitting in front of a charming window and the rug is something light and cozy under foot.  Right now I have a lot of red.  But I can remedy this. 

1. A Letter of Interest
2.  Anthropologie Settee
3.  Furry Rug Under Foot

Are you ready for more pops of color?  This large green floor lamp is so fantastic.  It looks like it bounces and jumps around.  Most of all, it makes quite a statement.  In front of my luxurious settee sits two accent tables.  Perfect for putting most anything on and moving from place to place.  To tie everything together is my dotted pillow.  It has all the colors in the room so it says they can all be together in this room and make sense.  Did you get that?  The pillow ties the story together.  But we're not done yet.

4. Statement Lamp
5.  Two Accent Tables
6.  Dotted Pillow

Don't forget to dress your windows!  A naked window or window with just blinds is like going outside with no shoes on.  These ruffled curtains are whimsical and soft.  They add just the right balance to the heavy red settee.  The polka dot frame is just cute.  My friend Kaci once told me that I'm going to "cute myself to death".  I believe she was right, but this room is imaginary.  Hehe!

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  1. LOVE! You captured the essence of this dress perfectly in the furnishings... I want this room :)