Friday, February 8, 2013

Vintage Catalina Island

In all of the chaos of moving things around I came across a small project that I've been meaning to get to.  Do you have any of those? 
A while ago when my grandmother was put into a home, a box of her photographs had landed at my parent's house.  Most of my cousin's had been through it and taken a lot of the really great photos.  But as I sifted through I began to notice these photographs with Catalina Island in them and these special borders around them.  SO CUTE!  So I gathered them all up not knowing what I'd do with them. 


My mom found the vintage Catalina Island Photo Book one day and gave it to me for these photos. As you can see, I've yet to put them inside. I am kind of glad I didn't because now I can share it with you.
In the photo above my grandfather is sitting on the railing with his arms around my grandmother  on the right and Irene on the left.  I never met him, but I imagine he was a very charming man.  Doesn't he look so Gene Kellyish with his hat? 
My grandmother worked at a nursery school for many years and they always called her Mother Goose.  In a few of the photos she is holding a goose or a duck.  I'm not sure if this is related somehow.  She is pictured above standing with her mother-in-law, Loretta on the island of Catalina.  Oh my goodness does she look young.  This was before she had her 8 children.  Yes, 8!
This one is my favorite.  My grandmother is seated in the middle with her jet black hair and the couples on either side are good friends of theirs, my grandfather is the photographer in this one. 
You can still take the ferry from Long Beach or Newport and go right to this harbor on Catalina Island and stand in that very spot.  It is still there.  So is the casino you see in the photos.  Only now, the casino is a museum.  I love that little island, it is packed with charm and I have so many good memories of visiting it. 

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