Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Pink Room!

I thought I would share this photograph of my "office" that I did while I was temporarily living with my mom and dad in 2010.  They had this room in their house that was not functioning very well for them, so they let me take it over.  I painted it that vibrant pink that I pulled from the dramatic fabric I found at Ikea and then added my vintage rattan furniture.  My uncle crafted the curtain rod out of bamboo.  It was tricky getting it to look finished with bamboo as the structure to hold it up.  But he figured it out.  Then I hung the new vintage swag light in the center.  A lot of the accessories have bubbles in them, including that swag light.  It was bubbles and mermaids, hula gals and seahorses.

I had so much fun putting together this room.  It has wonderful tall ceilings and beautiful architectural details.  I wish I could have taken better photographs of it.  These photographs are just terrible.  The worst part is, it's no longer there.  The minute I moved out my dad took down the bamboo rod, the light fixture and painted it a different color.  It was so cheerful just to be in it. 

Now I have been struggling in our house to find a comfortable place to work from.  I keep moving around, trying different things out.  I believe the solution just might be the color pink.  Good old fashioned girly pink.  Maybe it's all these boys I live with, maybe I'm just pink at heart.  After all, the very first bedroom that I decorated with my mom was wallpapered in little pink hearts and ice cream cones.  And with the season of pink upon us...I think a pink room is in my future. 



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