Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Modern Ikat


Have you noticed all of the Ikat patterns are so popular right now?  There are so many new and modern versions that I am just loving. 

My first Ikat purchase were these two pillows from an Etsy shop called East and Nest.  They are beautifully made and give me that fresh graphic feel that I love, while being an Ikat.  I had no idea it was possible.  I do however, keep moving them from our bedroom to the guest room.  As I can't decide which is my favorite.  That's why pillows are so great for someone like me, easy to change!

Photo and Pillow from East and Nest

My next Ikat purchase were these place mats from Target by Threshold.  I am loving this new line of products by Threshold. They really freshen things up in my dining room while being completely practical.  Love and love.      

Now I'm wondering what my third Ikat purchase will be?  Possibly curtains for the living room?  We have had just plain white for a while now and I believe we need some pattern. 

Did you notice my "new" art?  Now I want to paint the walls for sure.  I have the color picked out and everything. 

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