Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Found: Vintage Art

The antique and collectible show was in town this past weekend and I woke up feeling like something was calling to me.  I had a million good reasons not to go, a lot to do with the tight budget we live on, but I still had to go.  I figured if I didn't go then I would feel regret and regret is a state of mind I don't enjoy living in, wouldn't you agree? 

The show always opens on Friday to those who want to pay a much higher admission price.  This is in order to get first dibs on items as they are being unpacked and set up.  I felt like somewhat of a bad mom for taking my child to an antique show on set up day right at nap time but what's a girl to do?  The universe was telling me to go...and I can't argue with the universe people.
Hank surprised me by being happy and sitting forward in his stroller waving to people, flirting and talking.   See, the universe wanted me to be there!  I practically ran to my favorite dealer and sure enough there was this piece of art. 

It's a real piece of art, an actual painting.  In mint vintage condition.
Here it is up close.

Here is the signature of the artist.

And up close again.  Just 'cause.

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  1. LOVELY~! Can you google the name of the artist?? I bought a little watercolor years ago, because I HAD to, just like you ... and googled the artist's name ... he was a minor figure in the 1930s, very cool to know ... you may find your artist too ... not so much for value's sake, just for personal satisfaction ... good job, Missy~!