Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Grey Day

Oh Grey day of mine. I would like for you to go away. Find another grey girl to make grey. Even in my sun shiniest 1950's yellow cardigan, you still remain.  After viewing a sunny transformation of a heavily saturated red condo turned into beige buyers heaven and still I am grey.  It's all because I sat with you Grey, first thing this morning. What, what's that you say? Don't paint our dining room grey? But grey is the perfect neutral to modernize that room.  It will go so well against the mod yellow 60's light fixture I have picked out. And what about the Saarinen tulip table? Um hello?? Grey, yellow and crisp white. How much better can it be.  A quick consul with Mr. Adler and he says, grey + yellow + white is FABulous! The room needs to sparkle. And no, I won't bedazzle it like Debbie does to Dallas in her new show on HGTV. Dallas can keep their jewels, they are not for me. I will push through this grey haze, through the NW grey skies into a dining retreat of modish spectacular proportions.  You will not take me down today Grey! But please please can you go away?

A photo of my many grey paint samples and Jonathan Adler's book, Happy Chic Colors

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