Friday, September 2, 2011

Nouveau Debuts

How can one not be at peace when the universe hands you gifts?  Maybe sometimes I forget to see them, those large perfectly wrapped gifts with a red bow atop. I've had so many in just this one year that it took someone saying it for me to see, and the year isn't even over yet.   I knew meeting my husband, Sam was a gift. I knew that and that's why I married him right away, but I quickly began to think that a wedding was more of a curse than a blessing.  But in the actual moment when we stood there facing each other with 130+ people staring at us, I regretted nothing. I knew I was just where I was supposed to be.  A gift, that I have waited for for a long time.  Our magical garden wedding filled with friends, family and vintage decor. Also a huge gift. My Sam even purchased an adorable vintage house for us to live in. Dreamy. Absolutely dreamy.
What I have discovered through all of this is the freedom to be myself. A trusting partner to enjoy life with and the knowledge that finding and expressing my passion is so important. 

I have been in love with vintage finds for a very long time and they are a part of my everyday modern life. Things that remind me of others and things that just bring a smile to my face.  Cause they are cute!  Uh oh! I said cute! I'll try to refrain from such lingo.
I hope this to be a place where I can express my vintage love, try out my new adventure in photography and writing, as well as engage in conversation with others who might find a connection to such things as well. So I am off on my Nouveau Debuts! I hope you will join me. 
Nicole B.

Fresh cut Dahlia's, hand picked blueberries and three glorious eggs from the neighbor's chickens! Yummy!

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