Monday, December 3, 2012

Our First Turkey

How was your Thanksgiving? I was excited for ours this year, we cooked our first turkey. Both of us were new to this endeavor. There we were standing over the kitchen sink with our raw naked turkey, my husband's hands reaching in for the neck. Out it came and he says, "Ooo that stinks" and I say "I don't smell anything". Feeling a little protective of my turkey and the fact that I didn't want my day potentially ruined by a bad turkey, to which he replies "oh that's you that I smell". "Very funny" I say.
We searched that cavity, hands and wrists deep inside the empty interior of the raw turkey. Ribs and bone, bumpy and cold and empty. Totally empty. "No giblets?" we thought "well this one doesn't have any" (because we are special like that). So we moved on. Bathed it in butter and seasonings, put up the foil tent and slid it into the oven for four hours. Four hours and repeated basting's later, we had quite a gorgeous bird. (See below)

With all of the fix'ns. No, I'm not southern. Just sounded good.

After all that searching and thinking we didn't have any giblets. They were there the whole time, chill'n in a plastic bag in the back end of the turkey. Did my mother gasp in horror that we cooked the turkey with them inside? You bet. Did it matter that we did that? Not one bit. This is my favorite part about cooking. You really can't ruin it. And you learn from your mistakes. So next year...Our turkey will be even better!

We shared one big table in the living room with a side of football.

But we really all came together to celebrate each other and this little guy. Our little ray of sunshine and joy. I'm so thankful for him and for all of my family. Life is amazing.


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