Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Red House

Living Room and Dining Room Before
I have been working hard the past few weeks to get what we have been calling "the red house" in shape for a renter.  The house belongs to my in-laws and has been used for years by my brother-in-law.  But recent life events have taken him to other places and it was time for an update.  I was called in to help with paint colors and general updates for the house.  

Kitchen Before

The goal: to make it brighter and add a modern touch for a young family.  A lot of painting had to be done, ceilings and trim were painted in white and the kitchen cabinets were painted in white as well.  A dishwasher was added, the washer and dryer relocated to the garage and an island brought into the kitchen.  The biggest change was removing a bad addition to the back porch.  The house has been returned to it's original 1950's glory.  It makes me feel good that we have provided a safe and bright home for a family to enjoy.  In only 3 weeks the house has been transformed.

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