Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Creative Space

When I met Jen we just clicked.  We met through some mutual friends that have nothing to do with art or design, so neither of us knew that the other one loved it so much.
Then Jen hosted a get together at her house one Saturday and low and behold was this amazing space!  Filled with bright colors, a multitude of craft supplies and crazy fun art in every nook and cranny.  
I couldn't believe it.
I said, "Jen, I thought I heard that you were an accountant?"
 she replied, "Yes, that's my job." 

Here's Jen; accountant by day and wondrous handy crafter, well, the rest of the time!


I love that Jen allows her passion to shine in her home, that she doesn't hide it in a back room or push it into a small corner.  This vibrant space is located in what might be considered a formal dining room and it works so great. 


A work in progress
All of us ladies visiting that day, couldn't wait to get into that space and check it out.

Jen makes dolls, sews, paints and inspires other women to do the same.

Message to the husband and teenagers living in the house!
 In the photo below is a screen print owl by Jen.  It is proudly hanging in my son Henry's room above his toy shelf. 
A fun collection of her other works of art. 
If you live in Vancouver you can see and purchase Jen's art (like the owl that I own) at Most Everything, a vintage shop located at 815 Washington Street in downtown Vancouver.  You can also purchase Jen's creations on her Etsy shop here.  Or follow Jen on her blog at Clever Girl Studios, as she shares her crafting process, new creations and heartfelt stories.
Thank you Jen, for opening up your wonderful space for me to share!
Nicole B.


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