Sunday, September 16, 2012

I stumbled upon a flea market AND a vintage furniture shop today, that I didn't know about. I mean really? I used to work at my friend's vintage shop in downtown Portland.  All the time people would come in and say, "how long have you been here?". I would reply "Um (I use that word too much) two years!" And I would think in my head "where have you been!".  But today, here I was saying the exact same thing, only this shop has been there for three years. Whoops! Nicole, where have you been?

I had so much fun, it was a beautiful sunny day here, warm but cool and I was there early.  Reminded me of all the flea markets I used to frequent in So Cal. Sniff. Sniff. I came really close to buying a set of 4 matching mid-century dining chairs. Really close. And then I panicked and practically ran out of the shop. I came home and came up with a new solution for my dining room.  Sooo glad I didn't purchase the chairs. But I really felt inspired by this shop, Seek The Unique.  It made me realize that I have other options for this dining room of mine. I don't have to do 4 matching chairs.  But, I have a new table, so vintage chairs would make it feel more comfortable. It's all about the balance!

Here are some photos of my dining room.  This one is with some chairs that we like to use. They swivel and are comfortable. They are just the wrong color. What if I paint them? Black legs and turquoise seats. What do you think?

The other thing I want to do is change the paint color again.  I picked this out while I was pregnant.  I can't stand it! And the location of the vintage lamp has to change. What do you think about a bench with the two chairs? Ok, paint the room, swag the lamp, paint the chairs, find a sweet vintage bench with lots of character and change the drapery rods.  Whew! I got some work to do!
Here is the room without the chairs, mmmm...possibilities!

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