Thursday, April 5, 2012

Latest Vintage Finds

Spring is here! When a new season arrives I feel a sense of discovery coming. I love color and it tends to be the focus of whatever I am selling or desiging. So it's not strange for me to find an array of objects in a certain color scheme. Once I see these certain colors, I start to see them everywhere! As my aunt Gwen would say, "the universe brings them to you"...
Here is my color scheme: Mint green meets Hot Pink with Splashes of Buttery Yellow finished off with a Crisp White 


I snagged "grandma barbie" (as I used to call her) from the barbie play pile at my mother's house. She is looking fabulous and wanted to model this amazing mint carved plastic bracelet. The day I found the bracelet I had my nails painted hot pink, I was wearing the yellow carved ring and thought it made an amazing color scheme! Check out Living Threads Vintage on etsy or at their brick and mortar shop in Portland, OR for more great finds.

A jade cream and sugar set with matching square bowl. It's heavy like Fireking, but without the markings. I feel in love with it, tried to walk away but walked right back. Too good to pass up. 

A hot pink vintage samsonite travel bag from the same local Vancouver, WA shop. I'm going to use it as my diaper bag!! So excited!!! 
Check out Most Everything at their brick and mortar store in downtown Vancouver, WA or on etsy.

Conffetti ice bucket from my etsy shop!  Just in case you want a little of this fun color scheme...

And finally, a Singer Sewing book on dressmaking. It's in mint condition and I have a thing for vintage sewing books. Will I ever use it? Will I ever pursue learning how to sew clothes? I don't know, but a book like this does inspire me. I love that someone kept it and took good care of it, which means that they didn't use it! Haha! 

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